I started writing software in 1984 when I was 10 years old. I was fascinated by the creative opportunities offered by computers. Things have changed dramatically over the years: from 64KB RAM and magnetic tapes to dirt-cheap massive-scale cloud computing at my fingertips. The opportunity for creativity is enormous now. Writing software is still my passion, so I spend a good deal of my spare time researching and using new technologies. As I have learned a lot from people who publish ideas and notes in the internet, I have decided to start this blog to document and share thoughts and learnings, which hopefully other software writers will find useful.

In my other live I work for a large software company as a development manager on the Commerce Payments project. I have worked on a few other projects as a developer, development lead and development manager: VisualInterdev, VisualBasic, J++, .Net Framework, WCF, WF, Windows Azure. It is undeniable my daily experiences influence my interests. However, I leave work at work and the notes in this blog do not represent the views nor opinions of my employer.